Colette Davies for Judge: Experience Matters

Colette Davies, Candidate for District Court Judge
My name is Colette Davies, and I am asking for your vote to become the first judge in Yellowstone County’s Thirteenth District Court-Department 7.

As a former Billings judge and a practicing attorney for over 20 years, I know the impact a judge has on the lives of Montanans. People come to the court for many of life’s most difficult situations, including criminal charges, civil cases and family law. They need—and deserve—a judge with the experience to bring fair resolution to these matters.

I am ready to step into the role of judge. I have extensive courtroom experience as a trial attorney handling complex civil cases and as a judge presiding over criminal matters. Most importantly, the success and safety of Yellowstone County matter to me, as this is my lifetime home and the place where my husband and I are raising our family.

As your next judge, I am committed to:

  • Upholding the Montana and U.S. Constitutions
  • Working to ensure meaningful access to justice for all citizens
  • Improving case efficiency in Montana’s busiest and most backlogged district court
  • Supporting a fully-funded criminal justice system that protects our community and rehabilitates offenders

I invite you to learn more about me, pledge your support, and vote in the upcoming Yellowstone County election.

My thanks,

Vote Colette Davies for District Court Judge

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Latest Campaign News

October 21, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Davies right choice for judge

I worked for the USDA for over 30 years, a job that taught me the importance of public service and the importance of fairness and honesty in legal matters. I’ve also been on a jury, served as an expert witness and assisted with legal cases as part of my work. These experiences and others helpedContinue Reading

October 19, 2018

Four District Court Judges Support Davies for Judge

It is my honor and privilege to have the support of four of the current Yellowstone County District Court Judges. I’ve practiced with or in front of them all, and I cannot express my appreciation to them for encouraging me in this race.  

October 16, 2018

Non-Partisan Race, Bi-Partisan Support

The race for District Court Judge – Department 7 is a non-partisan contest. Judges must be fair and impartial, never taking into account political affiliation in making decisions about the cases which come before them. That’s why I am particularly honored to have support from individuals from both sides of the political aisle including communityContinue Reading