Letter to the Editor: Davies will make great district judge

John Heenan with Colette Davies, candidate for District Court JudgeColette Davies will make a great district court judge. Prior to partnering with me, Colette was a municipal court judge. She dealt with people of all different backgrounds compassionately and fairly. As a judge, Colette was universally regarded as the embodiment of thoroughness and fairness, a rare combination. She will bring an experience to the bench because she has already served as a judge.

A judge’s primary job is to make timely and fair decisions. The wheels of justice grind to a halt when deadlines aren’t held and rulings made. Colette Davies holds herself to a level that is unsurpassed. Many evenings I will go to turn off her light only to see her still there working. When I tell her to go home, she’ll just say, “Not until I get this out the door.” Rather than make excuses or seek extensions, she simply gets it done. Again, Colette’s ability to get things done and complete what has to be completed without excuse or corner-cutting will make her an exceptional judge.

Colette Davies is always able to find the best in people. I have watched her deal with people who are short-tempered, rude or even downright hostile. She always handles these situations with firmness and grace, diffusing rather than escalating the situation without ever losing control. This type of ability is rare in the practice of law and further highlights a character trait of all great judges.

Please join me in voting for Colette Davies for District Court Judge.

John Heenan

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