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Check back often to get the latest information Colette and her campaign to become the new District Court Judge for Department 7, Thirteenth District Court.

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Letter to the Editor: Davies right choice for judge

I worked for the USDA for over 30 years, a job that taught me the importance of public service and the importance of fairness and honesty in legal matters. I’ve also been on a jury, served as an expert witness and assisted with legal cases as part of my work. These experiences and others helpedContinue Reading

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Four District Court Judges Support Davies for Judge

It is my honor and privilege to have the support of four of the current Yellowstone County District Court Judges. I’ve practiced with or in front of them all, and I cannot express my appreciation to them for encouraging me in this race.  

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Non-Partisan Race, Bi-Partisan Support

The race for District Court Judge – Department 7 is a non-partisan contest. Judges must be fair and impartial, never taking into account political affiliation in making decisions about the cases which come before them. That’s why I am particularly honored to have support from individuals from both sides of the political aisle including communityContinue Reading

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Letter to the Editor: Davies will make great district judge

Colette Davies will make a great district court judge. Prior to partnering with me, Colette was a municipal court judge. She dealt with people of all different backgrounds compassionately and fairly. As a judge, Colette was universally regarded as the embodiment of thoroughness and fairness, a rare combination. She will bring an experience to theContinue Reading

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Billings Gazette Endorses Colette Davies for Judge

Gazette opinion: Davies leads in judicial experience Yellowstone County is home to Montana’s busiest District Court. Our six judges each wrangle more than double the caseload considered a full load. In fact, an independent evaluation conducted for the Supreme Court Administrator’s Office two years ago said the court needed seven more judges. The Legislature fundedContinue Reading

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Billings Gazette Op-Ed: Critical experience for busiest court

“I served for nearly six years as a Billings municipal judge and presided over thousands of criminal cases, demonstrating an ability to make quick and fair decisions, while maintaining an even judicial temperament.” On the night of Sept. 24, right smack in the middle of campaigning, I was an unlikely victim of an armed carjackingContinue Reading

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Davies Will Make a Good Judge – Billings Gazette Letter to the Editor

I am writing in support of Colette Davies, candidate for District Court Judge in Yellowstone County, Department 7. My fortunate opportunity to get to know Davies is thanks to our shared involvement with Family Service, which works to prevent hunger, homelessness and poverty in Yellowstone County. Davies has been an active and important part ofContinue Reading

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Tom Hanel Lends His Support to Colette Davies

I’ve known Tom and Robin Hanel for years–and it was my honor to serve as a judge for the City of Billings during his eight years as our mayor. It’s a privilege to have him lend his support and his voice to my campaign.

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